“John DeBernardo of Gas Safely Ltd is one of New Zealand’s foremost authorities on gas regulations, usage, distribution, combustion and gas history in NZ. His depth of knowledge and responsiveness sets him apart in what can be a minefield for many in the gas industry.

He is very professional, approachable, and always willing to add value. We recently engaged John as a consultant regarding an issue with the Plumbers, Gasfitters & Drainlayers Board and he helped us gain a deeper understanding of our responsibilities and capabilities under our employer licence.

Tubman Heating has been much the better for John’s support and guidance and we will continue to work with him as situations demand. Of particular interest for us now is the probable/possible transition from fossil fuels to renewables. John will no doubt be a valuable and well sought-after resource as the gas industry grapples with change.”

– Chris Callen, Tubman Heating, NZ

“John completed a project for us in NZ as a local gas practitioner, working with a large food production facility in Auckland on our behalf.

His services certainly met with our expectations, and he was extremely punctual and very easy to work with. Some aspects of our work are very technical, but John made it simple and painless for us – no easy feat in the boiler industry.

I would highly recommend him and will be using his services again.”

– Neville Smith, Clayton Industries (Australia)

“I’ve worked with John for over a decade and during that time have created a strong working relationship, in my current role and also as President of the LPG Association of NZ and past board member of Plumbers Gasfitters & Drainlayers Board. I have high regard for John and his ability and value his expertise and knowledge of the gas industry.

He recently gave us guidance regarding a regulatory matter for a client overseas, and as always his service was top notch. He cuts to the chase, and there are no surprises or hidden agendas. He has a broad understanding of the spectrum of working with gas across all facets, and I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone needing his expertise and services.”

– Graham Hardie, River City Gas, NZ

“I recently started working with John DeBernardo and found him to be easy to work with, very practical and flexible with re-scheduling (as a result of Covid shipping holdups). His services exceeded my expectations and I appreciated his practical approach to finding solutions. We had some issues with a vendor and he helped us to get a deeper understanding of what we needed to do to achieve certification.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend John, and know that he is very well regarded – particularly at WorkSafe and in the gas industry as a whole.”

– Mike Pharo, Contract Project Manager, Lawter

“I started working with John from Gas Safely Ltd in 2020 when Whittaker’s purchased and installed a new European cocoa bean roaster. As the roaster was not on the current NZ gas register, we needed to certify the equipment prior to commencing production.

John was very knowledgeable and helped us through the process, which we had not been through previously. He also completed a lot of the pre-work, including organising the documentation so everything ran smoothly while other contractors were on site.

He was flexible with his availability and spent additional time with the gasfitter to ensure all went well. John was very keen to impart his knowledge throughout the process, and I would highly recommend him.”

– Tim Lapwood, Plant Engineer, Whittaker’s Chocolate, NZ

“I’ve worked with John DeBernardo for around 5 years and have always found him friendly and easy to deal with.

He has a very pragmatic approach, and understands the spirit of the standards and safety requirements while offering the best and safest solution. He has exceptional knowledge of the gas industry and is great to work with. I would not hesitate to recommend him.”

– John Harper, Windsor Engineering, NZ

“Over the past 5 years or so I’ve worked with John DeBernardo on some large commercial projects. He has always kept things simple and pragmatic and doesn’t over-complicate things.

His services have exceeded our expectations, which has been a pleasant change compared to previous experiences we’ve had.

The gas industry has complicated regulations and you can get tied up in knots around the legislation, but John was able to work through all of this with us and kept it simple.

I would highly recommend him – he is very knowledgeable, always has a smile and is easy to work with.”

– Jason Parkin, Alexco, Wellington, NZ