Gas Appliance Certification

The Gas (Safety & Measurement) Regulations 2010 require certification for all gas appliances manufactured or imported into New Zealand and set out the basis for certification of ‘mass-produced’ appliances utilising accredited testing bodies. These appliances are typically provided with a public Supplier Declaration of Compliance.

The Regulations also provide that ‘small production’ gas appliances (of which 21 or fewer are supplied in New Zealand per year) and imported new or used gas installations may be endorsed by an Approved Practitioner, using recognised Standards.

The endorsement process typically involves a combination of document and technical evaluation, and physical assessment of the appliance and its operating conditions. Appliances that do not have any existing form of certification generally require a high level of assessment, examination, and testing, whereas appliances with existing certification (that is accepted under New Zealand legislation) may require a lesser degree of evaluation and inspection.

Gas Safely have considerable experience with the certification of both specialised one-off and small production appliances, and company principal John DeBernardo is a Worksafe New Zealand Approved Practitioner, who can assist importers, manufacturers, suppliers and end-users with the complete endorsement process, including all necessary compliance testing.

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