Employer Licensing

Gasfitting in New Zealand is normally restricted to individually licensed persons however certain exemptions exist. One such exemption is the Employer Licence that enables an organisation holding a Licence to authorise any employee of the company to carry out gasfitting work using an accredited system of operation. Under an Employer Licence, the onus is on the employer to ensure that gasfitting is done safely and competently.

For many medium to large size companies who employ multiple trades such as fitters, welders and technicians to carry out gasfitting, an Employer Licence is a cost effective solution to ensure all staff have a sound understanding of both gas safety and their own responsibilities, whilst providing legal coverage for the work they perform.

Gas Safely can tailor an Employer Licence package for any size business, and many companies will be surprised to learn that the set-up and operational costs per employee are comparable to those of an individually licensed person. Using a standard set of templates we can offer solutions ranging from a basic system of operation through to accreditation stage, together with ongoing competency training for staff.

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